Trailers, short films & more!

This is the “theatrical” trailer that would’ve played in theaters, if any theaters had the balls to play our movie.

This is an alternate trailer I cut for a “premiere” at a bar called Garbo’s, the same place we shot the pool scene.

This is a trailer I cut together after way too many hours staying awake editing.  It was footage that I had so I thought, “hey, I might as well use it!”  The song is ANTiSEEN’s “Self Destruction”.

This is short film that Jason directed and co-wrote with Clay Moore and Dee Clayton.  Many folks from Come Get Some joined in the fun as well.  We had a blast and plan on doing many more short films in the future!

“The Baby” is a short film that Jason, Clay Moore & Dee Clayton worked on for the Diary of the Dead film competition.   The amazing actress (besides Dee) is Clay and Dee’s daughter!  Natural born talent, that kid.