director        Jason Griscom

producers        Jason Griscom & Steven A. Grainger

writers        Jason Griscom & Steven A. Grainger

cinematographer       Jason Griscom

editor        Jason Griscom

special fx        Junior Webb & Bonnie Moore

sound recording        Clay Moore

production assist.    Michael Fritz

score                            James Gorman & Doyle Bright

soundtrack                Antiseen, The Dead Kings, Cronic

                                      Disorder, Gideon Smith & The Dixie

                                      Damned, Hellstomper, Hammerlock             

Come Get Some Cast and Crew

Last Resort ManSteven A. Grainger

SummerColleen Galeazzi

AshlynBonnie Moore

SkylarJennifer Washam

ChristaKate Jordan

The Warner Brothers           Jeff Clayton, Travis Wilson,

Doug Canipe, Barry Hannibal

The Man in the Chair           Dennis Coburn

Agent RomeroDarrick "DJ" Wilson

11 different zombies           Clay Moore